Thunder in the Village

27th Anniversary     Nov 4-6, 2016


155th Battle Anniversary

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It was November of 1861, this sleepy southern town of Guyandotte was firmly in Union hands, when history was made on these very streets. Confederate raiders struck suddenly and quickly, capturing the Garrison and returning the village to the dominion of the Stars and Bars; however the conquest was short-lived, the Confederates leaving town the next morning with their Richmond-bound prisoners in tow. Union liberators returned soon after and took their vengeance on what they considered a "seesech" town. By nightfall, two-thirds of the village had been burned to the ground.

The sights and sounds of the Civil War will return in November. Hundreds of re-enactors will participate in America's greatest street battle. The dirt roads are paved and the modern buildings replace the burned out frames, but this is where history was made and will live again. Come join us!

Event Date: Nov 4-6, 2016

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